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Contact us via chat on this website, or via WhatsApp 0049 1523 951 4703.

Recommended service for all those experiencing the Age of Light vibrational treatments for the first time.

The Initial Service is always indicated for the first service, because in addition to identify your general frequencies e guide you on the main issues that are interfering in your life, it\'s possible clear all sorts of ill-qualified spiritual interference.

Thus making a connection with the Egregores of Light and Healing Mentors, realigning with the Divine Consciousness, activating the Chromatic Matrix to adjust the vibrational frequency, performing quantum leaps in the past and future to adjust records, activating the Three-fold Flame, through the Rays of Divine Will and Faith, Wisdom and Love, Preparing to Evolve through activating your lightbody and Original Divine Matrix, activating Etheric Quantum Flowers, activating CrystalsEtheric Quantums.Spread all the benefits of treatment with the Violet Vibrational Table in your energy network.

Anchored to the Violet Vibration Table, it is also possible to benefit from the frequency of Reiki, chromotherapy, activation of healing and evolution archetypes, emitting the vibration of Sacred Geometries and many other frequencies and techniques that are connected in this Healing Tool.

After this vibrational treatment, a set of procedures will be indicated that are planned according to the service performed, and aim to maximize the vibrational elevation, such as: herbal baths, prescription of floral or phytotherapy, natural supplements, indication of specific continuous therapies between others.

The Initial Service is carried out remotely with an average duration of 2h30m to 3 hours, to be scheduled via WhatsApp: 0049 1523 951 4703.

Upon completion of the service, you will be contacted, with the report sent via audio, via email or WhatsApp.

Services are only carried out remotely to prevent possible energy interference.

If you do not agree with this treatment modality, please do not schedule the appointment!

Responsible Therapist: Sofia Ribeiro, Specialist in Vibrational Medicine.

The service comprises 3 stages:

1.Complete Diagnosis on energetic, spiritual and physical levels;

2.Violet Vibrational Table with the purpose of Cleaning and Raising the Vibrational Frequency, which will promote all energetic alignment and preparation for other tools, if necessary, for the continuity of treatment.

3.Assembly of the Complementary Treatment to be guided, so that you can continue the treatment at home, with the aim of increasing the potential of the Table performed. At this point, an expectation of continued treatment will also be presented, if applicable.


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