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Contact us via chat on this website, or via WhatsApp 0049 1523 951 4703.

Indicated after Initial Service.

This Era da Luz service includes a broad and even comparative diagnosis for Initial Service customers.

In this service it is possible to enter deeper levels, clean negative records and memories in other dimensions and sub-dimensions, carry out rescue of Soul, Mission and Purpose!

Here it is possible to access deep aspects, promoting the cleaning of negative records, restructuring of internal codes, reorganization, balance and protection of your individual auric field.

Identify negative patterns, painful feelings, repressed emotions, traumatic events, genetic and systemic tendencies or limiting beliefs that are preventing the client from having a balanced life.

Use of technology from the Temples of Rejuvenation and Healing, protocols from the Atlantean Temples with the association of crystals, water and the emerald diamond codes that allow you to perform advanced techniques through dimensional portals.

The client undergoes a true internment, where the disturbances and imbalances manifested on a physical level are worked out, through the Emerald Resonance, going through a readjustment in their bodies, through the awareness of emotional disturbances and/or mental patterns that promoted the imbalance and by reprogramming your DNA, promoting physical, emotional and mental healing, using crystals programmed during the process.

This Service consists of using the Violet Vibrational Table, which activates high healing frequencies, in addition to having the exclusive anchoring in this service, of sacred symbols, healing mandalas, crystals, reiki energy, the Keys of Healing, DNA regeneration, Family Constellation, Quantum Apometry, within MANY other Pure LIGHT emission commands!

The attendance and frequencies of cures to be sent will vary according to the needs of the client at the time of analysis.

This service can be carried out as often as necessary, because once we clean some areas, others may begin to emerge. Follow your intuition!

After this vibrational treatment, a set of procedures will be indicated that are planned according to the service performed, and aim to maximize the vibrational elevation, such as: herbal baths, prescription of floral or phytotherapy, natural supplements, indication of specific continuous therapies between others.

The Continuing Service is carried out at a distance with an average duration of 2h30m to 3 hours, to be scheduled via WhatsApp: 0049 1523 951 4703.

Upon completion of the service, you will be contacted, with the report sent via audio, via email or WhatsApp.

Services are only carried out remotely to prevent possible energy interference.

If you do not agree with this treatment modality, please do not schedule the appointment!

Responsible Therapist: Sofia Ribeiro, Specialist in Vibrational Medicine.

The service comprises 3 stages:

1. Comparative diagnosis at energetic, spiritual and physical levels, in order to understand the result of the previous service;

2. Violet Vibrational Table with a specific objective to be aligned between the therapist and the client. This table activates high frequencies of treatment, emitting sacred symbols, vibrational cards, healing mandalas, acts bringing clarity and truth, as well as movement in all parts of life, promoting understanding and well being.

3. Construction of the Complementary Treatment to be guided for the client to do at home, with the aim of increasing the potential of the Vibrational Table performed.


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